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Mad Swine: Dead WinterMad Swine: Dead Winter is the long awaited sequel to Mad Swine: The Beginning.


Three months after the beginning of the Mad Swine outbreak, the residents of Randall Oaks have reached their breaking point. After surviving the initial outbreak and a war waged with their neighboring community, Providence, their supplies are severely close to depletion. With hostile neighbors at their flanks and hordes of infected outside their walls, they have become prisoners within their own community. When new allies arrive with an old friend, the brave men and women of Randall Oaks will be faced with the decision to stay within the confines of the community only to die of starvation or to leave the safety of their walls in pursuit of a promise land, the survivors must make their choice—and face a new enemy unseen. Will the remaining members of Randall Oaks continue to survive the apocalypse or will it be a Dead Winter?

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Here’s what Ursula had to say about Mad Swine: The Beginning:

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Mad Swine: The Beginning is going to be one of those novels where the zombie fans argue in the message boards about whether or not this qualifies as a zombie novel – even some of the book’s own characters debate over calling them zombies! The “crazies” are infected living, much like 28 Days Later, but due to an ability to regenerate while they sleep, they still need to be killed with a headshot (or decapitation). The infection is suspected of starting with a mutation in the H1N1 vaccines, but some people were immune to the initial outbreak, although those survivors can still be infected by the “crazies.” Also, any bodily fluid can spread the mutated virus, and not everyone realizes right away when they are infected…essentially creating a devastating apocalypse in a small amount of time.

The main character, Matt, is at work on a college campus when he realizes there is some kind of virus making people go crazy and brutally attack others. The prologue did a magnificent job of setting up the story. I enjoyed the novel’s structure in general, with one exception: when Matt is doing a weapons inventory with his brother, Brian, it goes on far too long. It was almost as if the author Steve Pajak was trying to prove to the readers, “I know my weapons!!” It was completely unnecessary, and momentarily derailed the pace of the story for me.

Matt tries to gather his family members from their various locations in the city, but he underestimates the speed and devastation of the virus, and his emergency plans go down the toilet almost from the onset of the attacks on campus. Matt is determined nonetheless, and eventually he makes it back to his suburban community where the neighbors try to make a stand together. It doesn’t take long for the tension to build up between various communities, and that’s when Pajak decides to throw a cliff-hanger at his readers.

I am definitely hooked on this new series; Mad Swine: The Beginning is a brutal introduction to an apocalypse that will leave you feeling you feeling like you’ve been dragged across broken glass & a salted highway.


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An Interview with G.R. Mountjoy

I had an opportunity to interview G.R. Mountjoy, author of a new zombie novel 3 YEARS AFTER…

Here’s what he had to say:

[Steven Pajak] As a new author, my readers may not be familiar with your work. Could you please tell them about yourself? What are some things that you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

[G.R. Mountjoy] A little about myself. I am 37, married, I have a daughter and a child on the way. I served in the Army for 15 years, and am medically retired from the Army. I had a bad surgery by a civilian doctor. I grew up in Indiana, knew my entire childhood that I wanted to be a soldier, and joined the Delayed Entry Program on my 18th birthday. I was in the 82nd Airborne and spent 3 years as a Scout Observer in the 1/504 Parachute Infantry Regiment Scout/Sniper Platoon. I then reclassified to be a Blackhawk Crew Chief. I have spent time in Korea, Fort Drum New York, Hunter Army Airfield “Savannah, GA”, and worked on a counter narcotic mission in the Bahamas for 3 years. Right now I am trying to attain my Bachelors degree. I attend Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah Georgia. I work, and spend time playing golf, reading, and have given up my addiction to World of Warcraft. I love movies and Science Fiction.

[Steven Pajak] What made you decide to write zombie fiction?

[G.R. Mountjoy] I have played around and been reading while on my various deployments for years. Last semester I was in a literature class and a Professor told us a 10K short story would be worth a letter grade. I messed around, turned the word count off, and next thing I know, I was had 30K words! So then she read it, and told me I had something. I kept just writing , and then had a story. It was fun.

[Steven Pajak] Please tell us a little bit about 3 Years After… I understand you’re planning a sequel. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

[G.R. Mountjoy] 3 Years After… is about a Special forces team that is picked out to use some government technology, time travel. The problem, it all goes to shit. So the first book is about the team finding out that the zombie apocalypse hats happened. They fight across the country to find the remnants of the government. They get a follow on mission and get told what happened to humanity. I leave off with the team getting on a helicopter that leads us to book 2.  I am close to completing book 2.

[Steven Pajak] Who are your favorite authors? What are some of your favorite books?

[G.R. Mountjoy] My favorite authors range a lot of books. I will start with my favorite reading, and that starts with Star Wars books. That would encompass way too many authors. The next is Christopher Golden and the Shadow Saga. His book “Of Saints and Shadows” is by far the best book that I think is out there.  I like Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet Series also.

Onto Zombies, I was really new to this, and to be honest, I feel like a newbie. Last semester I bought a kindle, and a friend told me to read J.L. Bourne’s “Day by Day Armageddon” and that started it! From there I read Tufo, Recht, DiLouie, Meigs, Pajak, Knight, and most recently Talluto and Clines. There are so many great independent authors like myself out there, they are all helpful, and Facebook has helped to connect us.

[Steven Pajak] Did you attempt to publish your work traditionally before you decided to publish your work independently? If yes, why did you stop pursuing the traditional publishing route?

[G.R. Mountjoy] I tried to go through Permuted Press. I submitted via their guidelines, and was told my work was good, but they weren’t interested. This killed me. I then joined the writers store, looked for an agent, and then submitted it to way too many, and never got a response from any of them. I then contacted Mark Tufo “Author of Zombie Fallout” on Facebook. He told me to just do it! And it did. Trust me, I made mistakes, I didn’t get it edited, my cover was done by a friend. I was crucified on Amazon by the reviewers. Trust me, they really didn’t say many bad things about my story, just my grammar. I then contacted Steven Pajak, and got a lot of help with a sweet cover, and help with getting my book out on paperback.  It has been a learning process, but it has been awesome!

[Steven Pajak] How do you market your work and what have you found to be the most successful in marketing your book?

[G.R. Mountjoy] I have really just marketed it by word of mouth, and with reviews. I am not trying to become a millionaire. I had three goals, 10 books, 100 books, and 1000 books. I have passed all three of them. I have a blog that I need to update more, I have been approved for expanded distribution on Kindle Direct Publishing, and have it on Nook. I would love to be picked up by a publishing company, but if I don’t, well that is the breaks. I don’t consider myself to be great, but have made the newspaper and can tell my kids that I am a published author.

[Steven Pajak] What can we expect to see from G.R. Mountjoy after the 3 Year After… series?

[G.R. Mountjoy] I plan on finishing the series, and having it done within the next year. Over the summer I had writers block, aka played a lot of golf. I am also working on a spoof of survival guides that will cover what to do during an apocalypse.  I think that my time in the military and the way that I am writing it will make it a very fun and interesting read.  My main goal is to write more and have people enjoy my super badass military characters.

For more information about G.R. Mountjoy or the book, you can visit him at:

G.R. Mountjoy’s Blog


Mad Swine: The Beginning — Welcome to the Mad Swine World

Mad Swine: The BeginningSynopsis:


People refer to the infected as “zombies,” but that’s not what they really are. Zombie implies the infected have died and reanimated. The thing is, they didn’t die.  They’re still alive; they even breath. They’re just not human anymore. Screams and a pulled fire alarm transform Matt Danzig’s average day in the university admissions office to anything but normal. After witnessing a colleague attacking a student with his teeth, Danzig begins a hectic journey to find his kids, his wife, and perhaps a much darker version of himself than he ever expected.  As the infection spreads and crazed hordes–dubbed “Mad Swine”–take over the cities, Danzig and the residents of Randall Oaks find themselves locked in a desperate struggle to survive in the new world.

Extremely well-written … the story and characters kept me turning the pages faster and faster.”–

An excellent addition to the zombie subgenre… will make you look at the swine flu in a whole new light!”—Jessica Meigs, author of THE BECOMING

Project Hindsight – A Psychic Thriller

Project Hindsight Synopsis:


A phone rings in the night. A frantic and familiar voice of a woman who mysteriously disappeared thirteen years ago. Joe Meehan is bewildered, confused and even frightened by her sudden reappearance. He finds Rachel alone on the dark and rainy night, shivering in the cold and wearing only a t-shirt and torn jeans. She is frighteningly thin. Her eyes are haunted with horrible memories. He has no idea of her sinister past or her role in a top secret military initiative, Project Hindsight, when he rescues her from the cold night. As Rachel’s secrets catch up to her, Joe soon finds himself in danger unlike any he’s ever faced when he uncovers the deadly secrets hidden on the fourth sub-level of Mount Weather. Pursued by relentless operatives who will stop at nothing to keep their secret, Rachel and Joe must hide from an enemy who can see anywhere.

Available from Chevron Books.        .Trade Paperback     Kindle     Nook      eBook formats.

Darkness Within – A Supernatural Thriller

Darkness Within Reluctant psychic Susan Moore witnessed the brutal slaying of a young boy in a vision. Despite her psychic gifts, she is unable to save the boy fro  m a brutal ending. Riddled with guilt because she was unable to save the boy, she feels her life spiraling out of control.

In a small Texas town, Sheriff Steven Ames is desperate to catch a killer before tragedy strikes again. The town is on edge and demanding justice, spurred on by the father of one of the victims. And all this in an election year.

When fate brings Ames and Moore together, the two join forces to stop the killer before tragedy strikes again. In the midst of chaos and danger Susan must come to terms with the limitations of her psychic abilities while Ames must battle his own feelings of inadequacy and deal with a town that no longer has faith in his abilities as a peace officer.

And when a rogue reporter leaks important information about the investigation, Susan is in danger as she becomes the hunted.

Available now from Chevron Books.           .Trade Paperback      Kindle      Nook      eBook formats